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From garden walls to sheds to full houses, at Kroll Ltd, we can complete a range of brickwork projects on your property in London. During our time in the building trade, we have completed hundreds of brickwork jobs both big and small.

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Brickwork is a time-tested traditional building technique that’s origins have been traced back as far back as the Ancient Egyptians in 3000 BC. This means that, as a building technique, brickwork is one of the strongest and most durable ways of constructing a property.

The beauty of bricks as a construction material is that they have many positive qualities that can help to protect your home. Firstly, bricks are highly durable which means that they will stop your home from being damaged by any minor or medium incidents, such as a vehicle hitting you home at a slow speed or the weather. Furthermore, bricks are also resistant to water which means that they will stop any rainwater leaking into your property. This further reduces the chances of damp in your property.

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